Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hating School.

I ,like any other normal teenager, hate the naggy teachers, the piles of homework that seem too devour your life, and waking up before the suns out! But this actually isn't the reason I hate school. I actually don't mind the teachers or homework (okay that's sorta a lie I really truly dislike with every ounce of my body homework!!) but what I do hate is the peer pressure. It's horrible! I never thought that being bad was considered "cool" but anymore if you don't do nasty terrible things your considered lame. Which is totally not true because I'm freaking awesome ;) Just kidding. For example today Im out side for lunch I look out in the field and when I do I'm literally freaking out because a kid ( name I will not mention in fear of being beaten up!) is beating is the holy scadoodle out of another kid! And others are praising him! Ahh! What's going on there! Thankfully a teacher broke it up.... At my school you also get the pressure of doing drugs, drinking, smoking, and other rated R things that are totally nasty! I'M ONLY FOURTEEN! In my opinion losing all my brain cells, ruining my liver, ruining my lungs, getting nasty teeth, and getting pregnant at age is 14 is NOT cool! But for some reason at my school and probably millions of others this is a new trend? Are my friends and I the only ones that think this way!?! Help!!!