Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Different Sides of My Momma. (:

Annoying part
So I totally understand that my mom wants to be a huge part in my life and no every teeny weeny insy winsy aspect of everything about me and what I do. But I think she may possibly be going.. OVERBOARD! I mean does she really think I enjoy her asking me irrelevant, stupid, and awkward questions? She says she is just trying to talk to me...but still its peeves me!! And She has a myspace! Facebook! BEBO! And she will most likely start blogging soon too! I'm not saying there is age limits on these websites (well bebo is sorta a kid thing) but everytime I sign up for something as those..pretty soon I get a totally expected friend request from who other then...good ole' mom.

Mean Part
Sometimes I totally feel like she favors my little brother.. She says she doesn't but.. I'm pretty sure she does...sometimes. Like take for instance I have the chores: cleaning the kitchen (including hand-washing the dishes considering we don't a dishwasher.) , and cleaning my room. My brother has the chores: Cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the living room. Seems fair enough eh? I mean we both have two equivalent chores.. But then we come to the "favoring" issue. I HAVE too do my chores... unless they let me skip a day (which is VERY nice!) But colton he NEVER EVER EVER EVER does his!!! The other day my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and she says "Kinzy time to do the kitchen.. Colton get too work on the living room." Us: "Let us just finish this show." Her:" Kinzy now." So I head in there I come back out ten minutes later colton has not moved an inch and she was doing his chore!!! She always does it for him... If I asked her to help me she would just laugh.. ):
Great Part
This is the part that I love to see from my mom and I get this the most from her. (: She always knows what to say when I am sad.. She feeds me, and hugs me, and lets me lay in her bed and watch "Life Time" movies with her. She brushes my hair, and buys me clothes, and throws me the best birthdays she can, she lets me and my friends hang out pretty much whenever we want, she is paying alot of money for me to go to Europe in January, She laughs and listens to everything I say even when its stupid, she sticks up for me when the girls at school are mean to me, and she does so many other little things that I appreciate.
The conclusion to this is.. I love my mom so much! I love her annoying, mean, and most defintitly her great parts. I know when she does all the annoying parts its because she cares about my safety and about me. The mean part I dont really understand but theres bound to be a reason... and the great part is just another wonderful thing my mom has. She is awesome..
So go up to your mom and hug her. If she isn't with you call her and have a LONG conversation. And if she passed away.. pray to her and think of her.. because she is still in your heart no matter what.

Family funn, thanksgiving yumm! (:

Woot! Woot! I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it! (: Yes thats right it's thanksgiving! As part of our family "tradition" (if you would call it that) we've gathered ourselves at Nanna and Papa's. People who are with us include... Nanna and Poppa (duh) Jared (uncle), Alex (baby cousin), Kaitlyn(little cousin), Angie (aunt), Harlee (cousin), Nick (cousin), Addie (little cousin), Bradley(uncle), April (yay auntie april!), Lisa (my momma), Travis (my daddy!), Colton (my way annoying little bro), and of course... me (the coolest person you will EVER meet!) (Haha just kidding!!). Right now as I sit here blogging, My cousin Harlee is beside me reading "Readers Digest" Haha smarty pants. All the little kids are screaming, laughing, and taking part in absoulte and utter chaos!! The rest of the oldies here (ohh burn ok they aren't THAT old....hehe) are sitting in the living room chatting about boring "adult issues" and watching whatever they stumble upon TV. The dang turkey is still in the oven and man are we hungry! They haven't even begun cooking the other delicious food that tickles my tastes buds (: like : Layered Jello, mouth-watering rolls, ham, salad, pumpkin pie, goldfish?... ha, and much much more!! Man Thanksgiving is the best!! (:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things that commonly confuse me.

1. Sigourney Weaver. I mean she doesn't confuse me. Her name confuses me. I often pronounce it as SIG-ORN-EE-AH when really its SIG-ORN-EE.

2. How a "nut" can be a plant? I mean I know they say anything that grows out of the ground is a plant but nuts? I mean A tomato is a plant.. a Macadamia is a nut? I don't know I don't get it.

3. Teenage "love". Love has no age. It really doesn't. But when teenagers "ask each other out" and become GF and BF... its truly pathetic. I see it happen all the time around school. And this is how it always turns out: Hey wanna be girlfriend/boyfriend? Sure! Sweet! (goes on myspace, bebo, blogspot, facebook, ect.) I love him/her! We will be together forever. He/she is my babe and my love! Two days later I'm breaking up with you... (gets on myspace, bebo, blogspot, facebook, ect.) I can't believe this is happening.. She/he broke my heart.. I was in love! I'm so depressed! half a day later New person same other person.. wanna go out? Sure! REPEAT! Ick. Its a stupid re-run.

4. Macdonald's doesn't seem to be cheap anymore..whats up with that??

5. Why does gas have to be so expensive?

6. Debt. Its like oh yeah... you cannot pay this.. oh? Well how about we add some more money on to your bill..and hold it over your head.. can you pay it now?

7. Why people who know there movie is going to stink STILL insists on making one? I mean i know everyone should get equal chances and should follow there dreams.. but if the movie they are going to direct/write is going to be cheesy have cheap props and literally have no meaning..then why waste why waste the movie watchers time?


What I think about cliques.

Ugh "cliques" are most definitely my biggest pet peeve. Its even more annoying that not only are children accomplices to this hateful crime but adults are involved too! They may deny it but I see it all the time. Take this for example: You walk into a restaurant, (thats normal) you take a seat. While waiting you observe the people around you. If you see someone that is not very satisfying for your eyesight you might wiggle your nose in distaste and turn around. But people that are in cliques might band together with there group of friends and talk trash on that particular person. Why then that person would band together with his/her group of friends and talk trash. BELIEVE IT OR NOT i have witnessed this with children as young as eight!! And adults as old as forty something!! And I despise it SOOO much!! This world is already hostile and messed up as it is. Can't we just all get along? Wouldn't it just be easier if everyone was friends? Then there would always be someone there for you..? wouldn't that make more sense? I don't know... most people are stuck in there ways. But i really cannot stand cliques! They are everywhere in my school. Literally everywhere i turn.. I know this may be uninteresting and maybe plain boring for some of you. But I really just had to say that..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ten Best Movies (in my opinion)

10. Dick: This movie is about two dim-witted teenagers who visit the white house for a field trip. While they're there, they discover some shady things about there president "Dick" . He hires them as his dog walker to stall and watch them. Little does he know they're trickier then he believes. I don't think I would probably watch it again, but all in all it was pretty good.

8. The Spider Wick Chronicles: this movie is about a family who moves into a new house. The son finds a book in the attic. The book contains a secret that may be to hard for him to handle.. this movie is sad and thrilling and even funny at times. Two thumbs up. (:

7. Now and Then: Ah this movie was great. Its about 4 teen girls who have been friends since childhood. Now they're grown up and reunited. Most of the movie is just a bunch of flashbacks from when they were kids. In the movie a lot of good and bad things happen... I loved it!

6 Across the Universe: Even though this movie is a musical which most people (like me) don't fancy. Its really pretty good! Its set back sometime in the 1970's and its about two young people who fall in love. Its mainly about all the trials they go through to be with one another.

5 Journey to the center of the earth: This movie is about a scientist who's brother went missing after they were trying to prove there theory that there was a world in the center of the earth. Well the guys nephew (his missing brothers son) comes to stay with him. when the boy sees something really important about his theory they head off to an adventure they didn't really expect...

4 Role Models: This movie is definitely not for small children and people who are easily offended.. Its about two older guys who get in trouble during there job. They are faced with an ultimatum.. either thirty days in jail or 150 hours of community service. Obviously they pick community service. They are paired each with a young boy from the sturdy wings program. Its very funny what they go through!!

3 The Good Son: Creepy. That word describes this movie best. Its about a little boy whose mother recently passed away. His dad is going away on a business trip and leaves his son in his brother and sister in-laws hands. they also have a son and a daughter. Little does anyone know the son is messed up..

2 Disturbia: In this movie a kid thats in high school loses his dad. When one of his teachers pop off to him he punches him! He then gets house arrest. With all the time on his hands now that he cant leave his home he starts observing his neighbors. he then discovers one of his neighbors his a serial killer... Very very good movie!

1 Back to the Future: And here we are. Drum roll pleassee. My number one movie. Which is really wierd considering my aunt had to FORCE me to watch it!! I was so convinced it was going to be a stupid oldie. But im really happy she got me to watch it! Its about a boy who goes back in the past and kinda screws up his future. He then has only a limited time to hurry and fix it before its too late...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thee Basics (:


Name: MacKenzie Taylor Conyers.
Age: Fourteen years old.
Birthday: September 13, 1994
Hair color: Blondish/brown.
Eye color: Blueish white.

These are a few of my favorite things

Hobbies: Hunting, hanging with my friend(s) (Haley, Aunt April) family, texting, watching tv, watching movies,

Movies: Baby Mama, Role Models, Now and Then, Journey to the Center of the Earth, All the Saws, And much much more. (:

Music: Rhianna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, T Pain, Flo Rida, ect. Pretty much hip hop.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about me (: