Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I think about cliques.

Ugh "cliques" are most definitely my biggest pet peeve. Its even more annoying that not only are children accomplices to this hateful crime but adults are involved too! They may deny it but I see it all the time. Take this for example: You walk into a restaurant, (thats normal) you take a seat. While waiting you observe the people around you. If you see someone that is not very satisfying for your eyesight you might wiggle your nose in distaste and turn around. But people that are in cliques might band together with there group of friends and talk trash on that particular person. Why then that person would band together with his/her group of friends and talk trash. BELIEVE IT OR NOT i have witnessed this with children as young as eight!! And adults as old as forty something!! And I despise it SOOO much!! This world is already hostile and messed up as it is. Can't we just all get along? Wouldn't it just be easier if everyone was friends? Then there would always be someone there for you..? wouldn't that make more sense? I don't know... most people are stuck in there ways. But i really cannot stand cliques! They are everywhere in my school. Literally everywhere i turn.. I know this may be uninteresting and maybe plain boring for some of you. But I really just had to say that..

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momof3crazykids said...

Came over from your aunt's blog.
I just had to comment on this...
Last school year my daughter who is 10 now, was invited into a girls group. Started by one of the moms. At first I thought it would be fun. Once a month they would get together and do something, bowling, movie, art class, swimming etc. They even had $35 shirts made, just with their own name not a group name. Then Dec. of last year a mother did it at her house, they painted pots and played games and had a chocolate fountain. When I came to pick up my daughter the mom was having to talk to each mother about what happened-someone said something not nice and then that person said something back and it became a big mess-. Luckily my daughter wasn't a part of it, when I asked her what happened she really didn't understand it. That's when I realized that this little group is very cliqueish. They always say anyone can join our group. But sometimes when I see some of the girls and their actions out side of the group, I don't think I even want my daughter to hang around them. Luckily this year she has only been able to make one of the days, we've had other commitments on the others. But now I think that mom is just trying to form her daughter's own clique. I might have to post about it on my blog.