Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ten Best Movies (in my opinion)

10. Dick: This movie is about two dim-witted teenagers who visit the white house for a field trip. While they're there, they discover some shady things about there president "Dick" . He hires them as his dog walker to stall and watch them. Little does he know they're trickier then he believes. I don't think I would probably watch it again, but all in all it was pretty good.

8. The Spider Wick Chronicles: this movie is about a family who moves into a new house. The son finds a book in the attic. The book contains a secret that may be to hard for him to handle.. this movie is sad and thrilling and even funny at times. Two thumbs up. (:

7. Now and Then: Ah this movie was great. Its about 4 teen girls who have been friends since childhood. Now they're grown up and reunited. Most of the movie is just a bunch of flashbacks from when they were kids. In the movie a lot of good and bad things happen... I loved it!

6 Across the Universe: Even though this movie is a musical which most people (like me) don't fancy. Its really pretty good! Its set back sometime in the 1970's and its about two young people who fall in love. Its mainly about all the trials they go through to be with one another.

5 Journey to the center of the earth: This movie is about a scientist who's brother went missing after they were trying to prove there theory that there was a world in the center of the earth. Well the guys nephew (his missing brothers son) comes to stay with him. when the boy sees something really important about his theory they head off to an adventure they didn't really expect...

4 Role Models: This movie is definitely not for small children and people who are easily offended.. Its about two older guys who get in trouble during there job. They are faced with an ultimatum.. either thirty days in jail or 150 hours of community service. Obviously they pick community service. They are paired each with a young boy from the sturdy wings program. Its very funny what they go through!!

3 The Good Son: Creepy. That word describes this movie best. Its about a little boy whose mother recently passed away. His dad is going away on a business trip and leaves his son in his brother and sister in-laws hands. they also have a son and a daughter. Little does anyone know the son is messed up..

2 Disturbia: In this movie a kid thats in high school loses his dad. When one of his teachers pop off to him he punches him! He then gets house arrest. With all the time on his hands now that he cant leave his home he starts observing his neighbors. he then discovers one of his neighbors his a serial killer... Very very good movie!

1 Back to the Future: And here we are. Drum roll pleassee. My number one movie. Which is really wierd considering my aunt had to FORCE me to watch it!! I was so convinced it was going to be a stupid oldie. But im really happy she got me to watch it! Its about a boy who goes back in the past and kinda screws up his future. He then has only a limited time to hurry and fix it before its too late...

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