Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family funn, thanksgiving yumm! (:

Woot! Woot! I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide it! (: Yes thats right it's thanksgiving! As part of our family "tradition" (if you would call it that) we've gathered ourselves at Nanna and Papa's. People who are with us include... Nanna and Poppa (duh) Jared (uncle), Alex (baby cousin), Kaitlyn(little cousin), Angie (aunt), Harlee (cousin), Nick (cousin), Addie (little cousin), Bradley(uncle), April (yay auntie april!), Lisa (my momma), Travis (my daddy!), Colton (my way annoying little bro), and of course... me (the coolest person you will EVER meet!) (Haha just kidding!!). Right now as I sit here blogging, My cousin Harlee is beside me reading "Readers Digest" Haha smarty pants. All the little kids are screaming, laughing, and taking part in absoulte and utter chaos!! The rest of the oldies here (ohh burn ok they aren't THAT old....hehe) are sitting in the living room chatting about boring "adult issues" and watching whatever they stumble upon TV. The dang turkey is still in the oven and man are we hungry! They haven't even begun cooking the other delicious food that tickles my tastes buds (: like : Layered Jello, mouth-watering rolls, ham, salad, pumpkin pie, goldfish?... ha, and much much more!! Man Thanksgiving is the best!! (:

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