Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Different Sides of My Momma. (:

Annoying part
So I totally understand that my mom wants to be a huge part in my life and no every teeny weeny insy winsy aspect of everything about me and what I do. But I think she may possibly be going.. OVERBOARD! I mean does she really think I enjoy her asking me irrelevant, stupid, and awkward questions? She says she is just trying to talk to me...but still its peeves me!! And She has a myspace! Facebook! BEBO! And she will most likely start blogging soon too! I'm not saying there is age limits on these websites (well bebo is sorta a kid thing) but everytime I sign up for something as those..pretty soon I get a totally expected friend request from who other then...good ole' mom.

Mean Part
Sometimes I totally feel like she favors my little brother.. She says she doesn't but.. I'm pretty sure she does...sometimes. Like take for instance I have the chores: cleaning the kitchen (including hand-washing the dishes considering we don't a dishwasher.) , and cleaning my room. My brother has the chores: Cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the living room. Seems fair enough eh? I mean we both have two equivalent chores.. But then we come to the "favoring" issue. I HAVE too do my chores... unless they let me skip a day (which is VERY nice!) But colton he NEVER EVER EVER EVER does his!!! The other day my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and she says "Kinzy time to do the kitchen.. Colton get too work on the living room." Us: "Let us just finish this show." Her:" Kinzy now." So I head in there I come back out ten minutes later colton has not moved an inch and she was doing his chore!!! She always does it for him... If I asked her to help me she would just laugh.. ):
Great Part
This is the part that I love to see from my mom and I get this the most from her. (: She always knows what to say when I am sad.. She feeds me, and hugs me, and lets me lay in her bed and watch "Life Time" movies with her. She brushes my hair, and buys me clothes, and throws me the best birthdays she can, she lets me and my friends hang out pretty much whenever we want, she is paying alot of money for me to go to Europe in January, She laughs and listens to everything I say even when its stupid, she sticks up for me when the girls at school are mean to me, and she does so many other little things that I appreciate.
The conclusion to this is.. I love my mom so much! I love her annoying, mean, and most defintitly her great parts. I know when she does all the annoying parts its because she cares about my safety and about me. The mean part I dont really understand but theres bound to be a reason... and the great part is just another wonderful thing my mom has. She is awesome..
So go up to your mom and hug her. If she isn't with you call her and have a LONG conversation. And if she passed away.. pray to her and think of her.. because she is still in your heart no matter what.


Harlee said...

Exactly, that is almost how my mom acts all the time

Lisa Baldwin said...
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Lisa Baldwin said...

That was the sweetest thing I have ever read it made me cry. As a Mom myself I can so relate to what you are talking about. The “Mean Mom” where she is letting your brother get away with not doing his chores. It's not that she is favoring him more then you. It's because she knows that you are so responsible and you listen to her and never give her any problems when she asks you to do something. She loves you more then you can imagine sometimes being a parent isn't very easy. We try our best in teaching you to be a responsible, loving, and caring person. Sometimes it works on some kids like you and not so much on other kids like your brother. I have two kids of my own and I'm raising my Nephew. Including my husband and two male dogs I'm completely surrounded by male testosterone. I think that it is amazing that your Mom has such an AWESOME DAUGHTER! We all like to be told how much we are appreciated even your Mom does. So maybe the next time she doesn't make your brother do something tell her how special she is to you. Bare with her she has a lot on her shoulders. Thank you so much for your wonderful words even though they weren't intended for me it did put things into prospective. Oh and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog I hope you also had a Great Thanksgiving!

Mamarazzi said...

LOVE this post! what a sweetheart you are!

hey i just noticed you are a new follower to my blog. so i had to come by and welcome you and say hello!

i also left you a little award over at my place come and get it!!